Do I have the Soul of an Entrepreneur?

Who is an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is the ability to take risks. An entrepreneur is someone with the ability and courage to establish, and nurture a new startup. Carry the burden of risk, with the purpose of making profits. Entrepreneurs are a source of new ideas. They launch new ideas and innovations in the markets and bring about worldly changes. In simple words,  anyone who is willing to take risks, and is determined to start a new company can become an entrepreneur. This comes at the cost of personal sacrifices, and the inevitable threat of failures.

What separates empty rhetoric from genuine values-led entrepreneurship is sacrifice.”- David Sax, author of the soul of an Entrepreneur

What Qualities you have to be an Entrepreneur?

Characteristics that define the soul of an entrepreneur:


An entrepreneur is goal-oriented. He has a vision and all his efforts are directed towards achieving it. He deals with questions like,

  • What is the purpose of business?
  • What are my vision and mission?
  • How to achieve the goals?

2. Determination

Determination is a key factor in the success of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a journey of perseverance and failure. No goals can be achieved without failures, setbacks. However, it is always a hunt for solutions, and achievements.

Failures are the stepping-stone to success. It is a by-product of entrepreneurship, and an entrepreneur should be willing to take risks. What is important is to learn from those mistakes and take corrective actions.

3. Action-Oriented

Entrepreneurs in action-oriented. A good entrepreneur doesn’t hang on to things. You need to stay active to succeed. An entrepreneur should be quick at decision-making. Business is a world of uncertainty, to grab opportunities, you must be quick, and smart enough to understand the situations.

4. Creative

An entrepreneur is supposed to bring innovations into action. They are supposed to have creative minds and should be open to any change in their surroundings. An entrepreneur counts on imagination to tackle stressful situations and adapt to new ones. Creativity gives an opportunity to tap into new markets and improve business avenues.

5. Dare to take risks

Profit is the reward of taking risks. When the business is new, it is vulnerable to various risks, such as low profits. As an entrepreneur, you must prepare yourself to deal with uncertainties and get out of your comfort zone.

6. Leadership and Team-building Qualities

There will be various situations in your entrepreneurial journey, where there will be a requirement for new skills. Here comes a work team and delegation. To focus on important events, you have to delegate tasks. For this, it is essential to be a good leader. You should be able to share your vision and mission with your team and effectively monitor their work.

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