Car Accessories for Summer Driving

Summer car drives are tough. It becomes very difficult particularly in the events of a long journey. The heat even damages your valuable car. It is a wise option to purchase car summer accessories. They can make your driving experience worthwhile. The good news is there are a whole lot of accessories available online for your car. They can contribute to providing relief from the heat, and keep your car cool.

Stay cool and calm with this list of popular accessories for your precious car.

1. Sun Shades

Sunshades are one of the most popular methods to reduce your car’s temperature. Car sun shades work on traditional reflective models. They reflect the sun’s solar rays and harmful UV rays. Non-reflective sunshades on the other hand absorb them. There are some tests that have shown a drop in interior temperature of 30 degrees and more by installing sunshades.

Sunshades reduce the overall temperature of your car’s interior. As a result, it reduces the time it takes to cool your car down by A/C. Keeping a sunshade in your windshield can protect your dashboard from cracking or splitting and also protecting your leather seats.

To sum up, a sunshade is a long-term investment and it will keep your car’s interior in better shape.

2. Car Body Cover

Car covers are usually associated with rain. However, it is also important to protect your car from the harmful UV rays of the sun. A good car body cover protects the car from UV rays of the sun up to 88%. This as a result protects the expensive paint. A car cover also protects the car from dust. Bird droppings and water, and the interiors by keeping the car cooler. People who park cars outside should definitely consider buying a good quality car body cover.

3. Dashboard Cover

The car dashboard is often exposed to heat. It fades down the dashboard and in extreme cases even a crack. A heated dashboard also increases the car’s interior temperature. Dashboard covers act as a layer between the sun and the dash. They absorb the heat, keeping your car cooler.

4. Car Mini Fridge

A portable car fridge can keep your drinks cool on your way. They are easily available and highly convenient. Car fridge is available in various sizes, from a single-person cup cooler to around 8-liter capacity. They come at affordable prices and make your summer trips cooler.

5. Seat Covers

Leather seats can be a nuisance in summers. They heat more than regular seats. Car seat covers installed in your car can ensure that they don’t excessively heat. The seat cover will also protect the leather from heat.

6. Air Freshener

Air fresheners can help you get rid of those unpleasant odors from dust and sweat. The odors sometimes make it unbearable to sit in the car. Install an air freshener that suits your taste and enjoy the ride. 

This is a small guide to summer car accessories. It might help to keep things in your car cool in the scorching summer heat.

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