How to stay focused and active naturally! Every morning or every day!

The ability to focus is one of the crucial skills. It helps a lot to move forward in life as it improves productivity. In this fast-paced world, low energy periods and lost concentration can be a costly affair

Here are the 10 most important tips to stay focused and active:

1. Stay Hydrated

Water is responsible for transporting essential nutrients to various body parts. It provides electrical energy that the brain needs to perform optimally and also flushes out the toxins. When the body is hydrated, the exchange of nutrients and toxins from our brain gets efficient. It results in:

● Better Concentration

● Better mental alertness

● Improved memory

● Balanced mood

A hydrated brain is usually more creative. It thinks clearly and makes faster decisions.

2. Add Fuel to Your Body

To keep the brain focused, you should also take food timely to maintain high energy levels. It is already said, ‘hunger changes your personality. Make sure to have a balanced diet. The nutrients- protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats should be consumed to stay fueled.  To get an extra boost in energy “brain friends” in your day.

● Leafy vegetables

● Fatty fish

● Berries

● Walnuts

● Moderate caffeine

3. Have a Good Night Sleep

Research has shown that sleep deprivation has a negative impact on the brain’s cognitive function. It damages the effects on focus and memory. The recommended amount of sleep for adults is 7 hours a night. 

4. Exercise Daily

A study published in Neurology in 2010 has suggested that walking at least 6 miles a week can result in preserving memory in older people. Regular exercise helps fight shrinkage of brain size due to age. An active body results in an active mind. Therefore, it is important to do physical activities. This improves concentration and helps the body to stay active.

5. Create a to-do list

It sets goals and may make your brain more focused on what to do next. Add both challenging and simple tasks to your to-do list. It helps you to find the motivation to accomplish everything you have decided to do. It is proved by various researches that a written plan of action can increase productivity. After creating a list, prioritize your tasks. Put urgent ones at the top, this will help you to finish the important ones when your brain is fresh and energy levels are high. Cut off the tasks you have accomplished.

6. Avoid Multitasking

When you perform various tasks at a time, your brain has to jump from one type of thinking to another. This results in brain fatigue and poor concentration. To avoid this, group similar tasks together, and do one at a time. This results in smoother transitions. Multitasking is not efficient, particularly when you are trying to stay focused. According to reports, multitasking may reduce productivity by 40%.

7. Avoid Distractions

Distractions halter the brain’s ability to focus. Although it is not possible to eliminate all the distractions, with a little effort, a few of them might be eliminated. The following tips might help you to get rid of distractions:

● Make your surroundings quiet

● Turn off your phone’s notifications

● Close the door of your office or workplace

● Close unnecessary tabs on your phones/computers

8. Break down your complex tasks

To avoid distractions, break your task into fragments. You might follow the SMART technique that stands for

Specific – What is needed to be one?

● Measurable – how to track progress?

● Achievable – Are the task and deadline realistic?

● Relevant – How does this task fit your bigger goal?

● Timely – When is the task needed to be done?

Breaking down a complex project into smaller, bite-sized tasks can boost the ability to focus on specific tasks. This results in a positive mindset that the goals will be accomplished.

9. Be More Mindful

The brain tends to wander at places where it is not supposed to be. However, these mental vacations make it hard to focus on tasks you are supposed to be doing. Being mindful according to Mayo Clinic is when you can make moment-to-moment awareness of where you are, what you are doing. By being mindful, it is possible to bring the focus back when attention starts to drift. Practicing breathing techniques, meditation, and mindful movements like yoga are some proven techniques to attain mindfulness.

10. Take a break from Social Media

Consider an application that blocks social media to avoid distractions, block applications and sites such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, messages, and even email, while you are in the middle of some important focus. This way you will not lose focus.

Some popular social media blocking apps include Freedom, Focus Me, Focus, etc.

Bottom Line

Not being able to focus can kill your productivity. Just making a little change in your diet could lead to wonderful results. Knowing what to do will keep your concentration on track. J-Gen offers a variety of products that your body is going to love. In a busy lifestyle, it is hard to fulfill all the body requirements. However, j-Gen got you covered.  J-GEN is a proprietary blend with an exclusive concentration designed by Julio Iglesias Jr. Made to promote healthy skin, hair, nails, joints and bones. This exclusive formula made by Julio has been used by his family to maintain healthy, radiant and young-looking! Buy J-GEN – The best Anti-Aging Vitamin Infused Antioxidant Powder Drink for people who strive for a new and clean lifestyle.

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